mercatum™: Features

mercatum™ comes equiped with all the features you would expect from an enterprise-level e-commerce system.

It includes the following:


Our highly scalable catalogue system can handle up to half a million products.

Hugely adaptable, mercatum™ offers a host of features, such as making products hidden or viewable and linking ordering ability to stock levels; with other functions programmable as needed.

Users and Accounts

With mercatum™, system users and accounts are kept separate.
This means businesses can have multiple users assigned to the same account if, for instance, several employees are purchasing on the same account.
Different levels of access permission are available for each account or user, ensuring total control.

Account Specific Prices

For businesses wanting to give extra discounts to regular customers, mercatum™ allows you to assign specific prices and price books, either to single or groups of accounts.


We offer a complete order processing system, including invoicing, credit card and account payments, which can be automatically forwarded to your back office for fulfilment.

Multiple Locales

mercatum™ enables businesses to present the same web site to multiple countries, to offer pages in a variety of languages and to list product prices in the currency appropriate. Tax rates applied to orders are also adjustable as necessary. Please note that we do not provide translation services.

Affiliates and cXML

Our system provides support for cXML, a popular format for the exchange of data between e-commerce systems.
Included in this is support for PunchOut, allowing you to link with other e-commerce websites, permitting visitors to one site to order products available on the other without switching web sites.
Our system can detect orders originating from affiliates, enabling you to provide alternate content or perform special processing if necessary.

Web-based Administrative System

Our administrative system enables you to modify catalogue data in a way which best suits you.
In a nutshell, businesses are able to: view orders, users and accounts; change the permissions on users and accounts; and add translations for foreign language pages.
To ensure the system stays intact however many users it supports, different parts of the mercatum. administrative system can be restricted, with separate permissions, to protect sensitive data from being deleted or copied.

Why do we take these precautions?

Simply, to ensure the security both of your customers' information and of yours. Confidentiality is guaranteed: we will never release information about you or your system to others. All work that we carry out on your systems takes place over encrypted SSH connections to ensure the security of passwords and other sensitive data.